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Welcome to my Vintage Photography Shop

I began offering vintage and retro-style prints through Etsy several years ago, and it continues to be a wonderful community and a place where I enjoy interacting with dozens of artists and fans. Through my shop, Atelier de Photographie, (French for 'Photography Workshop'), I offer my interpretation of the warm, vintage charm, and magical wonderment I feel when exploring some of the great, romantic places across the world. From Paris, to New York, to Venice, I not only want to show you the sights from a perspective you're not used to, but I also want to take you with me to the less-trodden back roads, the overgrown fence, or the simple beauty of a serene landscape.

Just click on the Etsy badge to the right, and take some time to meander around my shop and see what catches your eye. I participate actively in the community, so also check out my Treasury lists, which pair other themed decor items with my prints. You can also order a rotating selection of my favorite prints from the galleries below. Bien à toi!
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